The Escondido Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic's mission is to provide high quality spay and neuter services for your Dog, Cat, or Rabbit at a deeply discounted cost -  We serve San Diego and Riverside Counties. 

Our licensed veterinarians combined have performed over 50,000 spays and neuters. We are the spay and neuter experts!

*Every pet receives a sedative prior to surgery (and after surgery if needed)
*Every pet receives a warm blanket post surgery
*Every pet is monitored closely with a stethoscope, an SPO2 monitor and EKG.
Each animal has a medical chart, where the body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and incision site are monitored multiple times during and after the procedure.
*All animals receive buried sutures at no additional charge, so no rechecks are required
*Each pet receives an individual sterilized surgical pack
*Veterinarians are highly skilled, licensed, and experienced
*Our staff of veterinarians and technicians have the utmost care and compassion for each and every animal.

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Medical Director, Dr Henderson with her dog, Max
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